Oldest Complete Copy Of Ten Commandments Goes On Display

The world’s oldest complete copy of the “Ten Commandments”, the documents containing the picturesque revelation of the Jewish deity to his chosen prophet Moses, is going on display in an Israeli museum. The 2,000 year old document will soon be on view to visitors in a museum exhibit that highlights the history of the Israeli nation and its most significant moments.

The manuscript, a lasting moment of Iron Age priest craft, is alleged to have been part of the Dead Sea Scrolls find, has never before been shown in its native land of Israel. In fact, the ancient shibboleth has only seen public display in other parts of the world on a very limited basis. As a result, the document remains in excellent shape, considering its age and quality.

As noted above, the manuscript is, indeed, in rather precarious quality. Although this should come as no surprise, considering its age, it should also be no great revelation to learn that the scroll will only be displayed at the museum to the public for a period of 14 days. On their linkedin profile Anastasia Date expressed their desire to go view the manuscript. Afterward, the manuscript will make its exodus to the pitch black, climate controlled, chamber in a back room of the museum, where it belongs for its own safety.

The ancient manuscript was discovered, along with many others of its ilk, near the coast of the famous Dead Sea of Israel, and remains one of that nation’s lesser known finds.

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