Nurturing Young Dreams

Jacob Lief approached different partners when he developed a passion for helping people who were poor and could not access education. Most young people do not act in their interest. Jacob Lief was dedicated to his passion. He was committed to developing a solution that could help people to gain the education that they could not because they were poor. He developed a foundation known as Ubuntu. This was a platform for poor children to access education. The term Ubuntu means we are because you are. This means that the charisma in the society enables people to live within a symbiotic relationship. The people who helped the poor children were people who would not demand anything. They were helping in good will. He began to see other partners who were interested in developing the platform after he had helped many children in the society. The platform has developed the dreams of different people in the society. This has enabled more people to reach their dreams through education. Ubuntu Foundation has helped many people to achieve their dreams. This has enabled many poor children to get an education and develop their families.

Ubuntu Foundation has had many partners. It has empowered some of the young people because of the different volunteering opportunities that it offers. Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the Foundation. Andrew Rolfe has introduced different directors. Different people from different nations have become partners at Ubuntu Foundation. Andrew Rolfe heads the board of directors by giving advisory of the different policies. The body is popular and has a world-class board of directors. James Lief is an example of what happens when the passion of young people is nurtured. The dream of a young person can go a long way when people believe in it. Young people should be encouraged by James Lief. They should show dedication and commitment to their passions. This will grow their passion for serving the society in different ways. Young people should find people who can mentor them so that they can develop their dreams. They should also be committed and dedicated to achieving credibility in the society.

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