North American Spine Center Opens A New Office In Las Vegas

The North American Spine Center originated in Dallas, and the company was recently purchased by Nobilis Health. The Nobilis Health brand is working to expand the North American Spine Center brand, and they have found a partner physician in Las Vegas who wants to work with the center and the AccuraScope procedure. This article explains how the Spine Center can go to Las Vegas without missing a beat.

#1: Satish Sharma And Red Rock Surgery Center

Dr. Satish Sharma will perform the AccuraScope procedure at the Red Rock Surgery Center location, and his partnership with the Spine Center will bring the AccuraScope procedure to the deserts of Las Vegas. The Spine Center is the only provider of the AccuraScope procedure in the world, and Dr. Sharma will be among the chosen few allowed to use AccuraScope with their patients.

#2: What Does AccuraScope Do?

AccuraScope is a procedure that is hardly invasive as actual reviews from patients point out, and the procedure only lasts around 45 minutes. People who are suffering from chronic back pain have looked for things to help them relieve the pain, and AccuraScope is the only procedure that helps relieve chronic back pain in such a short period of time. Dr. Sharma is the first person who is able to work with AccuraScope outside the Texas area, and his office will bring the best of the AccuraScope product to the Las Vegas area.

#3: The Expansion Continues

Nobilis Health and the North American Spine Center are working together to expand the reach of the AccuraScope product to as many parts of America as possible, as well as introducing new procedures. AccuraScope will relieve the back pain of people who are struggling to even walk properly because of their back pain, and the people who need these procedures will be able to lead normal lives again because of what the Spine Center can do. The Spine Center could go across the country with the help of Nobilis Health.

The AccuraScope product is a short procedure that helps relieve chronic back pain that some people have dealt with for their whole lives. Injuries and poor posture could lead to incredible pain that has been nearly impossible to deal with in the past, but the North American Spine Center is helping bring the procedure to more places where patients can benefit. Las Vegas is the first stop of many for the procedure, and Dr. Satish Sharma will perform these procedures on behalf of the Spine Center.

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