New Recruit From Australia Fronts ISIS in Video

In recent news, a young person from Australia has become a spokesperson for ISIS. ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. A video has been released of the young man speaking on behalf of ISIS and threatening the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. The boy is 17 years old, and he comes from a suburb of Sydney, Australia. His name has been found to be Abdullah Elmir in Australia, but he is identified as Abu Khaled in the video.

He went missing four months ago from Sydney along with another friend who was 16 years old. The other boy was taken out of the ISIS loop by his father apparently, but Elmir has become a leader and a spokesperson.

In the 90 second video that was released and then quickly taken down from YouTube, the young boy says that ISIS’ goal is to put the ISIS black flag over Buckingham Palace and the White House. He tells Gianfrancesco Genoso that they will keep fighting until this mission has been accomplished.

Tony Abbott, the prime minister of Australia, was referenced in the video made by ISIS. Abbott commented that this video is evidence of the serious threats posed by ISIS. ISIS has been recruiting people from many difference countries including the United States. They are especially targeting young people with their social media ploys. Young people are going to Syria and Iraq to fight with them. Two young girls from Austria went to fight with ISIS several months ago, but they recently pleaded to be released back to their parents because of horrible conditions there. They have not yet been reunited with their families, and they are thought to be pregnant.

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