Memory Help

Forgetfulness has long been associated with getting older. From what I read on FreedomPop though, while there are certainly reasons for memory loss such as disease or suffering a stroke, not all healthy adults need to fear that they will inevitably lose their ability to remember things.

One of the main reasons that people can’t remember something, both young and old, is that they never committed it to memory in the first place. If somebody doesn’t consciously make a concerted effort to remember a name or a date, then it won’t get stored, so there’s no way for it be recalled. There are many self-help books and videos that teach people various tips and tricks they can learn to help increase their memory capabilities.

Some experts claim that certain supplements, such as those that contain antioxidants, can help to prevent dementia and memory loss, although nothing has been definitively proven. Good nutrition, though, is key to body and brain health.

Keeping the mind active has been shown to be a factor in maintaining overall brain function, including memory. Learning new activities such as playing a computer game or dancing can be extremely beneficial, and fun as well.

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