Markus Rothkranz Discusses the Benefits and Disadvantages of Calcium

Many people assume that they are not getting enough calcium in their diets. Fitness guru Markus Rothkranz argues otherwise. He states that the modern American diet probably contains too much calcium. He states that calcium isn’t the most important nutrient for bone health. He says that people today are too obsessed with calcium because almost every food in nature contains it.

Most people who consume a lot of calcium should probably consider his advice. He says that excess calcium causes muscle and joint stiffness. The main point of his argument is that the problem relates to calcium absorption. Most calcium isn’t absorbed by the body because of deficiencies in other vitamins and minerals. The body cannot utilize calcium if there is a magnesium deficiency. He supports his claim by saying that magnesium also helps the body to flush out excess calcium.

Most people have a magnesium deficiency because it has been depleted from the soil. This is because modern agriculture industry overuses soil to the point that the natural nutrients within it are removed. Markus also claims that magnesium is good for arteries and veins. It’s part of his own brand of supplements because he believes it is a good stress reliever as well. He also discusses alternatives to calcium for bone health. He recommends silica because this helps to build collagen and elastin. He supports his claim by stating that collagen and elastin make up the majority of bones. Calcium is just one of several things needed to promote bone health. These make the bones less rigid and more flexible. Most people don’t think about bone flexibility, but bones are living tissue that require routine maintenance to stay healthy. Silica also improves the health of joints and connective tissue. He also disputes taking drugs like Boniva because these may make bones more rigid.

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