Mark Ahn’s advice on Leadership

What does it mean to be a leader? We look towards deacons and clerics in the Church, our bosses at work, and our parents at home. The lessons we learn from leaders can be applied to all aspects of life. Mark Ahn sees the lessons he learned from his time as a professor, author, and entrepreneur in the biotech field and shared the wisdom in this Newswire article. Mark Ahn sees the  top trends in leadership in 2015. How can we apply these lessons to our spiritual life? Tell me in the comments after the article.

Tips in leadership from Mark Ahn: 

Learn from seniors: He believes that good leadership is timeless and one has plenty to learn from senior leaders that have shone in their fields. Basic important tips and tricks that one needs in order to lead successfully as the same ones that were there 100 years ago.

Importance of integrity: Strictly following a moral and ethical code give institutions their value and a good leader must uphold this value and carry it forward. He mentioned integrity spans generations and is not one to be outdated.

Good judgement: Good judgement is not only intelligence, Ahn stated, but also courage, character and flexibility in their daily tasks. One must be able to adapt to changing times such as technology etc. 

Lead by example: Always do what you expect others to do. Show them how they must handle tasks. Setting a good example is very important trend in good leadership. People follow more of what they see around the work environment, and rarely what they are only told in memos and manuals.

Practice humbleness: Ahn’s last advice was to remain humble, no matter how high up the ladder you climb. A friendly atmosphere will make it easier to lead people and companies to success. He stated that humanity is more important in crises.

Those companies that remain afloat in bad times have good leaders who know these top trends.

At last, he denounced the popular notion that leaders are born. Leaders are made, he emphasized. Good leadership is a habit and a skill that must be cultivated and practiced daily.


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