Lime Crime: Specialist in Rainbow-Hued Cosmetics

Fashion is always about living a fantasy, standing out from the rest and projecting the inner being to the outside world. Cosmetics offer consumers a chance to project their inner feelings and personalities. One company that has transformed the cosmetics industry and garnered a cult-following from many consumers is Lime Crime; a cosmetics company that specializes in environmentally friendly, rainbow-hued cosmetics with a fantasy touch.



Founded by Doe Deere, fondly known by her customers as the “Unicorn Queen”, the company is dedicated to churning out products that turn their consumers into unicorns and fairies. Under her leadership, the company taps into a niche market with its unique product lines. Lime Crime uses a wide range of colors on its cosmetics to give their customers an unapologetic personality and look. The wide range of colors that come in different sheds and can be mixed to give a rainbow look gives customers the freedom to express their different personalities through makeup. Some of the products especially the hair-dyes are semi-permanent; this gives the clients a long-lasting fantasy look without the fear of being washed off in a few days.



Safe Products, Humanly Manufactured



 Lime Crime’s rainbow-inspired products embrace the whole concept of fantasy. Fantasy is freedom and uniqueness. This is why the company’s new semi-permanent hair dye product comes in up to 13 different shades. Each shade has tilt or full coverage option, which allows customs to decide how deep should their hair color be. Essentially, the company transform their customers into unicorns but the customers decide which colors the unicorn can don or how wild they can be for that gorgeous look of their dreams. For convenience, the company uses online order placement and ships the products to their clients.



 The company not only allows the customers to live their dreams; they also ensure that those dreams are safe. The company uses vegan formulas in making their products. This ensures that the cosmetics do not contain harmful chemicals and compounds, which is a common practice in the industry. It is also a niche market rarely explored. Moreover, the manufacturing process follows humane procedures. No cruelty is involved during the manufacturing process.


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