Liberal Values Inform The Work of Thor Halvorssen

The human rights activist and Hollywood film producer, Thor Halvorssen has been one of the driving forces behind the growth of the human rights activism community in recent years as he has changed the face of the sector by developing the Human Rights Foundation and Oslo Freedom Forum. Halvorssen has described himself as a classical liberal and has shown this is the many impressive choices he has made as an activist and leader of a world renowned human rights group.

Understanding the work of Thor Halvorssen must include a look at the moment he saw the historic Ny Tid Newspaper in a bid to aid the newspaper in a time of need around 2010; traditionally seen as an anarchist or left wing publication the broadsheet covers international news on a monthly basis and has done so since 1953. Prior to the investment in the newspaper by Thor Halvorssen the owners of the newspaper have included some of the top socialist individuals and groups in Norway.

Thor Halvorssen’s family have many links to the country of Norway as many of his ancestors are from the Scandinavian country, including the former head of the Norwegian Merchant Navy who was in place when Nazi forces invaded the country during World War II; the tradition of fighting tyrannical rule can be traced back to this period when Halvorssen’s ancestor engaged in a physical confrontation with Nazi officers as he sent the Norwegian merchant fleet to Venezuela to keep them out of enemy hands.

The work of Thor Halvorssen has taken many different turns over the years and now includes him bringing news of human rights atrocities to viewers and readers of conservative new groups who he feels can still aid in fighting human rights problems. Unlike many leaders and activists, Thor has also stated he holds no desire to follow his family into politics in Venezuela or in any other area of the world, the closest Halvorssen seems to come to political power are the speeches he has given at the United Nations and UK Houses of Parliament.


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