Laurene Powell Jobs Promotes Social Good

Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs, is not generally known as a public speaker, but rather for her thinking on and funding of issues related to immigration and education. However, she recently spoke at Stanford University on immigration reform, women overcoming career obstacles, and other social issues, and she placed an emphasis on the need for major corporations and venture capitalists to siphon a portion of their funds into a pool to encourage social and civic-minded entrepreneurs.

She stated that while businesses constructed to promote the public good are not as likely to reap the monetary benefits of businesses which are started and run with the goal of financial gains, those that work toward the common good can profit by the many intrinsic rewards which come from simply desiring to do good. Jobs believes it would benefit the socially-conscious and civic-minded entrepreneur to have funding from these sources so that they may also gain a bit of financial footing as a return for their work. Jobs has an estimated $19.7 billion dollars of wealth, according to FORBES, which makes her the sixth richest woman in the world.

She was interviewed by a professor of entrepreneurship for the Stanford talk she gave, and has clout when talking about such topics due to her own promotion for the public good as founder, funder, and advocate for various programs to help entrepreneurs and the underprivileged.

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