Just Who Is Jason Halpern

Real Estate Development is one of the most popular and profitable industries in the world. Many of today’s big scaled projects all started out with some form of real estate development because you can’t just claim property, clear it off, then build what you want. JMH Development is currently one of the leading real estate development firms in the nation and it has always been for up to 50 years. Jason Halpern is the man with the plan as he is a third generation developer and the show runner here. Halpern has been around the business since he was a young boy and he’s picked up some valuable knowledge along the way. Halpern and JMH have done many upscale projects throughout the country specifically on the East Coast. This includes New York City, Miami Beach, and Westchester, NY.


One of this young developers greatest achievement was the Aloft South Beach Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. This project was on a grand scale thanks to it having about 235 rooms. As stated above, the project was huge and JMH Development had to “stay true” to the original concept. This means that the hotel has historic significance and it’s newer more updated renovation shouldn’t stray too far from it’s originality. Having such a broad background in “historic Structures,” JMH recreated a stunning work of art.


This hotel was tall, had many rooms, upscale bars, conference rooms, a convenient location, and panoramic views of the beach. All went as planned and the “Aloft” was completed in a timely manner. JMH & Jason Halpern sold the project for a whopping $105 Million to a Boston based real estate firm whom later changed it’s name to “The Gates Hotel.” These are the types of projects Mr. Halpern has developed as his firm does both, commercial and residential structures.


This is only the tip of the iceberg as JMH Development has finished many similar projects in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Halpern has always stayed true to what he believes and where he came from as JMH Development is now at the pinnacle of the industry.


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