Joseph Bismark Changes Game for Business Life

When it comes to leading a life as a business official you have to be prepared for long hours, bad food, and more stress than you’ll ever want or need. It isn’t easy striking out for a career in a field that demands so much of you and that is why many people are grounded down and worn out by the time they are reaching middle age. According to a report in Reuters one man seems to have found a secret to staying fresh, staying focused, and staying successful — his name is Joseph Bismark, the founding Director over at QI Group.

For Joseph Bismark life is all about staying focused and staying busy which is, ironically, how he manages to stay so relaxed and calm. Bismark firmly believes in the importance of a busy life and he’ll stand behind that statement any day of the week. Bismark says that having a full schedule “helps us conquer self doubts and fears” and he goes on to say that it allows us to “achieve the best version of ourselves” possible. Joseph isn’t just busy for the sake of being busy, however, as he believes in advocating “holistic health and wellness’.

A typical day in the life of Mr. Bismark includes prolonged sessions of Yoga, whether at home or over at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. At the school Bismark is a Yoga Master and it is there that he educates new students while also learning from more advanced ones. He is a constant learner, opting to read books and study the art form over more conventional forms of entertainment. He stays focused by listening to a SoundCloud account that is loaded with pre-recorded mantras and chants.

A sharp mind is as important as a healthy body to Bismark and that is why he spends so much time keeping his mental faculties in motion. Bismark uses a website called Luminosity to stay sharp by playing their scientifically engineered games. These games are both entertaining and great ways to stay mentally sharp. Bismark tries to get in at least 15 minutes of game playing per day. This serves as a de-stressor along with all of the other benefits that we highlighted above.

For the QI Group to remain so successful it needs people like Joseph Bismark steeped in its business practices. Bismark is a spiritual and mental leader who pushes his employees in healthy ways.

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