Joseph Bismark and QI Group Recognized for Sustainability

United Nations Global Compact
Joseph Bismark is in the news again. He has accepted a certificate for becoming a Member and Sigatory of the UN Global Compact. It is Qnet that has been noted to be a member of the UNGC. This story has originally been released through Yahoo Finance. QI is the parent company ofQNet.

Responsible and Sustainable Business Practices
QI had made a pledge to incorporate and adopt responsible and sustainable business practices. This is under a 2015 United Nations initiative. There is a strategic policy initiative in place by the UNGC. This is for any business that is fully committed to aligning all of their operations and strategies. The alignment would be with ten of the universally accepted principles. These areas include:
*human rights
QI did partake in this initiative. They did this in order to clearly show that they are a company that is completely committed to good practice. This practice is for sustainable business as well as social success. This also includes development.

A Great Honor and a Privilege
Mr. Bismark will make the claim that it is truly a great honor as well as a privilege to become a registered member of the UNGC. The QI Group is indeed very committed to improve the companies function in the areas of human and labour rights. This is a company that ought to take pride in their alignment with the universally accepted principles. It was Ms. Ursula Wynhoven, Chief Governance and Social Sustainability, who presented the certificate to Mr. Joseph Bismark who is the Group Managing Director of the QI Group. This is an opportunity that has the chance to adopt a policy framework that is a globally recognized policy. This is a company that has earned recognition for their commitment.

About The Founding Director
Mr. Joseph Bismark had assumed the role of Group Managing Director in the year 2008. He is the founding director of the QI Group. This is a man who has had a grand desire to pursue wisdom and knowledge in his life. He is an intriguing individual who has a broad range of interests. He is a deeply spiritual man who is devoted to the Lord. He believes that human beings are not only about their physical bodies. Each person is really identified as a spirit and a soul. It is very clear that he is a man who indeed believes in universal principals in every area including business.

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