Jose Henrique Borghi; The Brazilian Advertising Guru

Jose Henrique Borghi is the founder of the Mullen Lowe agency. Borghi is the co-CEO of the advertising agency. He is known for his creativity and the innovative approach that he takes when developing advertisements. The Mammals of Parmalat campaign featured children who were dressed in stuffed animal costumes singing catchy jingles. He was behind the Sazon advertisement that led to the creation of the “It is the love song” by Zeze Di Carmago and Luciano. He was drawn to advertising when he saw an array of commercial advertisements that were nominated at the Cannes festival. Borghi’s sister had invited him to see the performance at the Castro Neves Theater.

Borghi was born in PresidentePrudente. He graduated with a degree in Advertising from PUC-Campinas. He started his career at Ogilvy in 1989. Jose Henrique Borghi went on to work at other top agencies such as DDB, Talent, and FCB. He eventually decided to open his agency and partnered with Erh Ray to establish BorghiErh. They started without any outside investment or help from anybody. Their efforts paid off when Lowe & Partners bought the company in 2006.

The agency changed its name to Borghi Lowe after Ray sold his share of the agency. It merged with the Mullen Group a few months ago and acquired the name, Mullen Lowe. The agency works with clients in both domestic and the international market today. Some of the clients that they have worked with include Unilever, Fiat, Delta Airlines, Asia Motors, and American Express.

Borghi has established himself as one of the top executives in Brazilian advertising. Borghi’s advertisements and campaigns have won him many awards. He has 10 Clios Awards, 7 London Festival Awards, 15 April Advertising Awards, and 14 Cannes Lions. He is a marathon runner and likes to do it because of the persistence it requires.

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