Jason Hope Prepares the World for the Internet of Things

It takes more than just a good idea in order to establish yourself as a juggernaut in any given field. Jason Hope, successful entrepreneur and acclaimed writer, has slowly been setting himself up as THE guy to listen to when it comes to upcoming tech trends. Jason Hope claims to be a futurist and his work so far speaks to itself. Right now Hope is pointing his compass in a certain direction — toward the Internet of Things and more information click here.


The Internet of Things is an umbrella term for a truly massive tech revolution that is going on before our very eyes. The Internet of Things refers to the way with which regular items interface with the internet in our day to day lives. Consider athletic shoes that track your steps taken throughout the day. Consider public transport and the way vehicles can utilize satellite fed traffic data in order to find better routes for the passengers. This is the Internet of Things and Jason Hope believes that one day it will comprise everything, all things and contact him.


As a futurist and an entrepreneur in the tech industry it is Jason Hope’s great goal that everyone starts to really embrace the Internet of Things. This happens as more and more people opt to live and interact with smart technology. Hope rightfully points out how smart technology, i.e. The Internet of Things, can profoundly change the world in a positive way. He believes that public transit can be improved and cities can become safer than ever as an example. Hope further points to a slew of ways that the IoT can improve rural life: emergency response vehicles can be constantly updated with new GPS information, police officers can find the fastest routes, and people on the road can know to get out of the way before anyone tells them too and learn more about Jason.


In the end Jason Hope is always trying to push the envelope with his work. That is why his work at the SENS Foundation is gaining so much respect and credibility. The Internet of Things is just another extension of Hope’s willingness to push onward and upward.

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