Jared Haftel Is All About The Numbers, And You Should Be Too

Sometimes self help is learning what we can do for ourselves.  In some cases, that means what you can learn to do for yourself.

When most of us finish our four years at the college of our choice, we gleam with pride as we tuck our diploma under our arm and we head off to face the world. However, one degree was not good enough for Jared Haftel. When Haftel graduated from Duke University in 2009, he left with not one degree but with three. His degrees are in the areas of Science, Mathematics, and Economics. These degrees were the stepping stones to a career in banking.

Haftel has put his degrees to work at some of the biggest investment firms in the country. One such firm was Merrill Lynch. It is here that he would track commodities information for people looking to invest in such industries as aerospace, chemical, metals, defense, and mining.

He has also worked as an investment banker for Bank of America. He has also spent some time with Vector Capital.

Haftel realizes that getting to where he is does not come easy, and he is always willing to help those who are trying to enter the world of investment banking. He has written on the topic of what a person needs to do in order to land a corporate internship. His advice is simple, such as knowing the importance on how to tie a tie properly and the correct way to shake someone’s hand. However, it is all information that someone going out into the business world for the first time, may not be aware of. His advice does not stop there.

Haftel is continuing his education as a MBA student at the Stanford School of Business.  He also spends time with his golden retriever mix, as he’s an avid dog lover.   If you’re going to follow him on Twitter, then you’ve definitely got to give his GrooveShark account a look, because there are definitely some great songs too.

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