Invocation of “God” Can Lead to Riskier Behavior

Previously thought to be a sure sign of risk-averse behavior, it appears that the use of the word “God” can lead people to act in a riskier fashion than perhaps they normally would. Following a study done at Stanford, evidence suggests that in amoral situations, individuals may be given a false sense of security when hearing or seeing “God”, and as such, will participate in riskier behavior or activities. This theory was tested by providing individuals with the chance to click on ads on social media sites, the same ads existing in two versions, one with the word God and one without. In the case of the skydiving ad, the God version received double the amount of clicks as the other. By contrast, in an ethics based ad (i.e. bribery lessons), the God version saw the number of clicks halved as opposed to the God-less version, loosely confirming risk averse behavior in explicitly moral situations.

This research is quite peculiar though said Haidar Barbouti. There is no real mention of who these people are who are clicking these ads, which has a huge impact on how the word “God” affects them. Believers would certainly be more likely to be swayed in the direction desired by the researchers, so simply confirming their predetermined hypothesis by setting up their study to include Christians would be incredibly misleading. This study contains too many variables to accurately assess this proposed conclusion.

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