Igor Cornelsen: Lifting Other Investors Up Through Reliable Investment Advice and Insights

Igor Cornelsen is an accomplished investor from Brazil but currently residing in Bahamas, South Florida. After completing his education in Brazil, he went on to work in the banking sector. He worked for top Brazilian banks, holding top managerial positions. His impressive know-how in investments can be attributed to the experience he got at the time. After a successful career in banking, he went ahead to start his investment journey. The investment path led him to start an investment company in the Bahamas named Bainbridge Investments Inc. The firm provides expert advice on investments to the market.

Igor’s Investment Advice

Though retired, Igor Cornelsen keeps himself abreast with investment markets around the world. He is particularly fond of the Brazilian investment market as this is the place he has made most of his investments. He has continued to offer his insights on investments based on his personal experience. He understands that investments can be complex when an investor has no knowledge. It is important for one to be equipped with the necessary information about the investment one needs to make. If it is in a foreign land, he advises on understanding the rules that govern investments in that country. Investment advisors can guide the way if an investor finds it complicated. He also notes the need to start investing early in life and taking up several investments. According to him, the chances of reaping big are increased while the risks are minimized.

Damaged Stocks

Igor Cornelsen has always endeavored to see people adopt the practice of investing to improve their lives. It is for this reason that he offers his insights on the affordable investments that the markets can provide. He relentlessly advises people to invest in damaged stocks because they are cheap to acquire. He, however, discourages on investing in damaged companies. According to him, damaged stocks have a chance to revive again, something the damaged companies are unlikely to have. His tenure of many years in the industry gave him the needed exposure to understand the investments patterns. His contributions have been featured by top media companies like PRnewschannel.com among others.

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