How Troy McQuagge has Supported the Growth of the USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge is an accomplished business administrator who currently serves USHEALTH Group Company as its president. The company offered him a job in 2010 and was appointed as the president in February 2014 due to his exemplary performance. The first position that McQuagge was given by the firm was serving as the president and CEO of one of the insurance company’s subsidiaries, which is known as USHEALTH Advisors, LCC. During his time at the division, the company managed to get a significant raise in its sales. Troy’s skills and experience assisted the agency in accomplishing its goals and managing capital efficiently.

The Chairman and CEO of the USHEALTH Group, Ben Cutler, believes that the presence of McQuagge at the firm has bettered its abilities. He has significantly assisted in the improvement of the corporation’s management and sales sections. Troy had worked as an administrator for different organizations for about thirty years before he was hired by the USHEALTH Group. The experience that he accumulated has assisted in steering the company to the right direction.

The accomplishments of Troy McQuagge supported him to be appreciated by the One Planet Award that designated him as the Gold Winner of the CEO of the Year Award. The premier global honor is regarded as highly prestigious, and it is devoted to recognizing various business professionals who have clearly proved excellence in the fields that they have specialized. One Planet acknowledges experts in all industries and all regions of the globe. Any individual who would like to nominate someone or be nominated for the One Planet Award can apply. Any company is also eligible to be part of the award be it private or public.

McQuagge believes that the award has encouraged him to keep offering excellent services to the USHEALTH Group Inc. According to him, it is a great honor to be appreciated by peers in the industry. Troy also said that the award is dedicated to the entire staff of the company for offering excellent services to the clients. He believes that his success was greatly influenced by the efforts of the enterprise’s employees. The administrator argued them to keep striving to accomplish the goals of the corporation. Click Here for More about Troy .

Troy believes that the USHEALTH Group has been working to find ideal solutions for various insurance needs of its clients. The company customizes all the product that it offers to meet the financial abilities of the clients. This has assisted it to be considered as the leading health insurance provider in the United States, and it also attracts several customers every year. The USHEALTH Group has several subsidiaries that offer different types of health insurance solutions that are needed by its clients across the country. for more .

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