How Kyle Bass Ruined His Career

The economy took a massive and largely unpredicted crash during 2008. This downturn was extremely devastating to many people. There were numerous jobs lost, and many people lost large amounts of money that they invested. However, it was forecasted by a very small number of people. After the crash happened, these individuals became seen by many as investment geniuses. One of these people was a man named Kyle Bass. He was thought of as an expert amongst experts. However, Kyle Bass is now known for making extremely foolish and unethical choices. These choices have truly cost him his career, and very few people see him in a good way.

The change from Kyle Bass’ originally highly prized status amongst investment experts to his current standing was certainly very dramatic. However, he made some extremely negative impressions of himself on TV. Furthermore, he appeared on TV in this negative way many times. He appeared on TV more frequently than he did previously. Given that he was presenting himself in a negative way, this very readily caused him to be seen badly by numerous people. Part of this negative impression was caused by his erroneous financial forecasts. His prediction of the 2008 crash was remarkable. However, he has since made some very off base predictions. This has caused the credibility of his financial forecasts to drop substantially.

There also has been an unethical aspect to his recent career moves. For instance, he is a supporter of a political regime that is responsible for causing economic destruction in Argentina. This is thought by many people to be a result of his own financial gain from the regime. Additionally, he makes extremely unethical investments with drug companies. He seems to be responsible for not only causing harm to the drug companies he invests in, but this also causes patients to have no access to treatment! If all that were not enough, Kyle Bass has also made a shocking comment about the problem with the GM airbags. Rather than saying that the airbags were faulty, which they were, he believes the blame rests on the people in the vehicles. He believes that the people in the vehicles may have been intoxicated when they were injured! He also believes that it’s likely that they were not wearing their seat belts!

Kyle Bass has previously been a well regarded financial expert. However, he is now poorly regarded. Not only is his career tanking, but he is seen as highly unethical. In fact, he is thought of as extremely money hungry and unethical. This is showing no signs of changing.

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