How HCRC Has Transformed The Way Medical Practitioners Employ Staff Members

The provision of healthcare has really diversified in ways that most people could not have thought of a few years back. In a classic ‘we grow or we die’ semblance, healthcare providers find themselves in situations that require more from them than their medical training.

These days, running a healthcare service has become entwined in provision of management and administrative services, economic competitiveness and yet they are still required to ensure that patients get the best medical care. The question asked is where exactly does a staffing agency fit in this equation?

The Health Care Recruitment Counsellors is a staffing agency which has gained popularity across the United States and beyond. It was founded by and is still headed by a vigorous man called Brian Torchin.

The HCRC provides staffing services to health care providers by helping them reach people with medical skills who in turn need employment. The selection process is a meticulous process that ensures that the persons who are put available for employment are of good standing and of sound medical judgement.

Who is Brian Torchin?

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin is many things besides a keen and dedicated businessman. He attained his degree in Bachelors of Exercise Medicine from the University of Delaware before attaining his chiropractic degree.

He has been practising as a chiropractor and still does so. He is an accomplished professional who has gone further to create a firm that helps health care providers choose a number of suitable candidates with medical skills into their organizations.

With the type of schedules health care providers run these days, a staffing agency is essential to ensure that they are able to choose qualified personnel. It is important because it is easy to ignore stricter procedures if a health care provider does the staffing by itself.

However, with a staffing agency, more care is taken to ensure that the persons who are available are indeed who they say they are and possess the skills they say they have. Staffing agencies are important in helping healthcare administrators carry on their managerial functions.

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