House Training Your New Puppy

A lot goes into the care of a new puppy, and housebreaking is one of the most confused and misunderstood of all the things a new dog owner will have to deal with. The process of house training doesn’t have to be a challenge for you or your puppy if you will follow several simple steps.

The first step in doing any kind of training with your new puppy, whether it is housetraining, leash training, or obeying simple commands like “sit”, “come”, “stay”, etc. is to be patient and consistent. Like humans, your furry companion responds much better to positive rewards and lots of praises. Inconsistent training confuses your puppy and makes conditioning the behaviors you want that much harder. Also, anger has no place in puppy training.

When housetraining you have nature on your side. Even in the wild, dogs do not normally soil their dens and by the time they are sixteen weeks old, most have learned through imitation that elimination is done outside, so there is some natural conditioning to begin working with.

Crate training is a very quick and effective method to accomplish housetraining. The crate should be just large enough for the puppy to enter, and turn around in. Too large a crate will allow your puppy to establish their own “zones” for sleeping, play and elimination. The objective is to make your puppy associate his crate as his den and capitalize on their natural desire for a clean environment.

Training also involves a regular schedule of feeding with Beneful on facebook. A puppy’s body is a rather simple machine: they eat, they sleep, they eliminate. Plus, the digestive system of a puppy is extremely efficient and most will want to eliminate anywhere from five to thirty minutes after eating. By feeding on a regular schedule and paying attention to the cues the puppy displays prior to elimination you can anticipate the action and respond by taking your puppy outside, or to a litter box. The cues to watch for include sniffing or pawing. Also, some dogs will turn around several times in a hunched over manner before eliminating.

If you wait too long and catch your puppy “in the act”, don’t scare the puppy, but in an assertive voice interrupt the puppy and say a consistent word or short phrase like “OUTSIDE”. Don’t punish your puppy, but pick them up and take them outside or to the litter box. Reinforce good behaviors with lavish praise and the occasional treat.

After a few days, your puppy should be pretty much on the way to complete housetraining. Accidents will probably happen from time to time, just be sure to clean up the urine or feces since the odor may well be an incentive to use that spot again.

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