Honey Birdette Affirming Their Stand on Marriage Equality

The term polarizing has been receiving some critics because of the flash mob that was held in support of the marriage in equality. Honey Birdette workers and models held peaceful demonstrations in the streets of Sydney within the Central Business District. This comes as a result of the oncoming postal plebiscite organized by the federal government of Australia.

The Honey Birdette employees and models wore lingerie and took to the streets from Pitt Street Mall to Martin Place carrying placards and signs with various messages of love and anti-plebiscite. The company streamed the event live on social media drawing a lot of traffic from critics and supporters.

Some fans gave messages of support for their business, saying that the company is holding up its opinion and is accountable for issues that are not only affecting their customers but the community as a whole.

Honey Birdette Company managing director Eloise Monaghan said that she was happy that the walk created considerable attention and sparked to the community what was happening out there. She continued to say that marriage is a fundamental right and the government should not get involved in the voting of the plebiscite.

The motive behind the flash mob came because of issues the company had encountered the previous weeks after complaints about the company’s revealing poster that was promoting the brand’s lingerie line. The store had been vandalized as a result of the ad and the flash mob that brought to attention the support marriage equality.

The flash mob was the only way they could think of to get the team involved and the most efficient way to get their message passed across. To let people know their idea of marriage equality. The company said that they are continuing to campaign for the wedding justice through various advertising ways and posters in the stores though it considered whether or not to continue with the flash mobs.

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