Hollywood Stars’ Obsession with Kabbalah

There was a time when Madonna confided that she had an interest in the teachings of Kabbalah and almost immediately, everyone in Hollywood wanted to get an experience of the same. Others such as Elizabeth Taylor, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have all expressed some level of interest in the teachings of Kabbalah. The teachings have been followed so keenly by some of the stars that they even converted into Judaism to understand it well. The trend has made a lot of people wonder what it is about the teachings of Kabbalah that makes people get hooked to the teachings.

Sandra Bernhard followed the teachings at some point and said that it as the best experience of her life. She stated that learning the ways of kabbalah helped her deal with the chaos that had been part of her life before she knew about the teachings. She was happy about the sense of peace and calm that she had gotten after she started listening to and following the teachings. Another star that talked about her experience with the teachings is Paris Hilton. She stated that the teachings are what helped her deal with the nasty time that she went through after split from now ex, Nick Carter. She confessed that for a long time after the split, the only place she could go to for some real comfort was the kabbalah center. When she went for the first meeting, she was given a bracelet and then she felt the freedom to open up about the breakup. She made it a habit to visit the center as often as possible and it helped her get her life back together and read full article.

At the core of the teachings of Kabbalah is the need to help people understand how to live a joyful and fulfilling life. The teachings have been proven to completely change the manner that people view the world. To most of the devout followers, kabbalah is the soul of the Torah, which is the religious teachings of the Jewish people; it is seen as a way of God making an interaction with the world. There are other Hollywood stars that have joined the kabbalah teachings, not to resolve any crisis but to be part of the thousand years of history that are part of these teachings and learn more about Kabbalah.

There are kabbalah centers that have been established in various cities around the world. They will serve as hubs where learning about the ideals will take place. The Kabbalah centers are in Los Angeles, Europe and other locations around the world.

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