Higher Numbers

It seems like the point of the new Obamacare plan would be for more people to have insurance instead of being on Medicaid. However, the number of people who are on Medicaid has increased after the healthcare plan has been implemented. This means that taxpayers still have to foot the bill of those who are on the public assistance program.
It’s not a bad thing because children and adults like Sultan Alhokair get the help that they need, but the goal of the healthcare plan seemed to be to get people off of public assistance. There is an increase in states that didn’t want to expand their Medicaid plans, but because of the requirements of Obamacare, more people are eligible for assistance.

One thought on “Higher Numbers

  1. There are subsidies offered so that people who can get insurance don’t have to pay the high monthly premiums. It’s a step in the right direction but far from where healthcare should be at this time. It may have simple meant that rushmyessay.com have already gotten much of what they had expected from them a long time ago.

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