Greg Secker

How Greg Secker Got To Be The Best in The Forex Trade Business

Forex trade is one of the most profitable businesses and Greg Secker has made a fortune out of it. By the time he was in his twenties, he was already in the list of English Multi-millionaires, courtesy of the trading business. Today, he has founded around 17 companies in various industries including motivation, philanthropy and trading. He is mostly known for his role at Learn to Trade where he is the founder and CEO.

Greg Secker enjoys motivating young people to be economically independent. That is one of the major reasons why he is always seeking a platform to talk to young entrepreneurs and show them winning strategies to make them successful. He has spoken in some of the world’s most popular platforms including Success Summit Congress and National Achievers Congress.

All this success, but Greg Secker did not just wake up one day and find himself successful. Secker attended the University of Nottingham and acquired a degree in Agriculture and Food Sciences. Bu, while in school, he concentrated in the making of computers. That is how he learnt to code and program and his skill earned him a seat at a fair. That is where he met a guy from Thomas Crook Financial Services and they immediately connected, as they both had interests in computers. So, when he completed school and there was an opening at Thomas Crook, he was called to an interview and he was taken in.

It was at Thomas Crook that Greg Secker learnt about Forex Trading. He had been appointed to develop the Virtual Trading Desk, which was to be the first ever online trading platform. As the programmer of this platform, it meant that he had to interact with elite traders and had no option other than learn every detail of the trade, if he was to code the trading strategies without any discrepancies. In the process he learnt that the business was very profitable and he decided to try it. He borrowed 5,000 Euros and started his own trading platform from his apartment, the rest is history.

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