Great Food Along With Great Wine

To have a superb dining experience, great food has to be accompanied by great wine as well. There’s a wide variety of wines which complement a meal. The trick is to find out which wine is best for the specific meal. In many countries, wine is a regular staple of any meal; children in most European countries are taught the nuances of drinking wine from a very young age.

A great thing about wine is that whether a person is at home or in a restaurant environment, any wine can be relished in the same way. Pairing food with wine is regarded widely as a recent phenomenon, one that isn’t more than 20 years old. However, it’s an understatement that wine will enhance any dinner, more so than any other drink.

The Antique Wine Company specializes in only the very best vintage wines, in business since 1982. It has a growing list of more than 20,000 clients in 70 countries. Cellar planning, wine tasting classes, and rare wine sourcing are among its many services. They cater to a discriminating clientele, one that knows good wine and where to find it. Not all wine is created equal; The Antique Wine Company has an exclusive method by which they can determine the vintage and age of any wine; this gives them a competitive edge no one else has.

A very important fact to mention is that flavor and how a specific wine is relished is a very subjective area; what may taste in one way to one person may taste different to another. This is due to differences in palates and dining settings. Other factors which play a role include the body and consistency of the wine being sampled and also the weight of the food. Both the food and the wine must be perfectly complemented. This in itself is a intrinsic science which a reputable business such as The Antique Wine Company is well versed in.

For instance, a strong red wine such as a Cabernet is suited with a steak and potatoes meal. White wines go perfect with light foods, such as lobster or shrimp. Chocolate has a strong, delectable taste best complemented by Port wine. Either the food or the wine must be the dominant focus when pairing. The Antique Wine Company has Sommeliers who specialize in offering valuable advice regarding wine and food pairings. They’re on your side. Contact them today for the very best wine experience ever.

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