Governor Cuomo Announces New Airport

New LaGuardia Airport Announcement by Andrew Cuomo

It has been years since a new airport had been created in the United States. Now there seems to be a change regarding new airports in the coming months.

Recently, New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced there are plans in the works to renovate New York’s LaGuardia Airport, after the airport was once compared to being that of a “third world country.” Vice President Joe Biden was alongside Shaygan Kheradpir and Cuomo when the announcement to give the airport a complete overhaul was made.

Many would say the overhaul to LaGuardia is an absolute neccesity because much of the airport area consists of cramped, aging and chaotic buildings, adding to the fact that is already confined to a small property on the East River in Queens. The plan would be to demolish all of the older and cramped buildings and eventually replaced with a brand new airport terminal that would be much closer to Grand Central Parkway, which already circles the airport.

The change in structure for the airport would allow for more open space, meaning that aircraft that have to leave and dock at certain gates would have more area to work with. This in turn means that passengers would get to use the elevated passageways in order to get the taxiway area, which is set to gain an extra two miles of new space.

Part one of this renovation is set to cost $4 billion is will add thousands of jobs to the area

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