Gloria Vale Harbors a Perfect Society

Gloria Vale, New Zealand, harbors a society which deems itself perfect. The community of about 500 members is in total isolation from the ‘evil world outside’. The children wear blue uniforms. The adults have very strict rules too, as women have to wear white bibs and long dresses. The families are large, with 12 children or more, since the sect bans birth-control pills.

A family of 14 has recently left the Christian secluded community of Gloria Vale. The fact became a big news because it is like stepping in a new world for the people who had not used internet and have never worn the ordinary clothes before. They declared that the reason was ‘a life in a false system’ stated their The people who found out sooner about the family of 14 leaving Gloria Vale donated furniture and clothes to help the newcomers integrate in the new life. Very few families had left the community before, and they were not allowed to communicate with the members who were still left there.

Founded in 1969, the religious group of Gloria Vale is led by Neville Cooper. The leader never comments on families leaving the group. Peter Righteous, the spokesman of the community said that if people did not want the life offered there, they were free to choose another one.

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