Get Your Life Back with That’s How Sheryl Underwood Did It


Dherbs is a full body cleanse formula that follows a 20-day detox regimen which helps in weight loss, immunity boost and energy increase.


The business of living takes a toll on the human body and modern life makes does not make it better; pollutants and germs get into the body. Naturally, the body is equipped to do its own ‘house cleaning’, but after some time it gets overwhelmed by the accumulation of toxins and pathogens which are manifested as different diseases. offers the wonderful product, as well as the 20-day regimen which does a full body cleansing that can help you lose 10-30 pounds. It also enhances energy levels, rejuvenates skin, achieve clear-mindedness, strengthen the immune system, normalize and regulate body functions, regularize bowel movements, eradicates of cravings for sugar and junk food, helps circulation and increases libido.


Sheryl Underwood, the comedian credited Dherbs on The Steve Harvey Morning Show. She said it helped her lose weight and stay in shape.


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