George Soros Turns Again To Bearish Investments

Few people have been as successful with investment as has been George Soros. He has been on hiatus from the markets, but recently returned to make some bearish investments. According to the Wall Street Journal, he saw ways to enhance his fortune because of troubled economic times. This is often an opportunity for people who know how to increase wealth through wise investments. Soros Fund Management, which handle about $30 billion in assets for him and his family, has taken money out of stocks and put it into gold and gold-miner options. CNBC reported that Mr. George Soros expressed concerns about capital flight from China and the potential for a collapse of the European Union. This may be the outcome of the immigration crisis, difficulties in Greece and a potential for the U.K. to leave the Union.

George Soros is no newcomer to financial matters world wide. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics and has earned a large fortune with Soros Fund Management, the company he started after leaving school. His exposure to Nazi persecution in his youth and experience in Communist-held Hungary taught him many valuable lessons about world scale conflict and political upheaval, which he uses to his advantage in his sensible trading (although these experiences happened in his youth). They seem to have given him an instinct for the right way to react when problems arise on the world stage.

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He is also the founder of the Open Society Foundations. Indeed, his philanthropic efforts are what make him a name to be followed. From his childhood in Budapest until the present day, he has had reason to be concerned about human rights. He began this work in 1979, paying to fund black students to attend Cape Town University during the time of Apartheid. Now the Open Society Foundations operate in over 100 countries. They have annual expenditures that reached $835 million in 2011. The Foundations’ goal is human rights, an open society and transparency.

Soros is the author of many books, including The Tragedy of the European Union (2014). He writes prolifically, and his essays are shared in many newspapers and journals around the world. His life has brought him to a bittersweet pinnacle of success, as he has a deep awareness of the trouble our world has faced.

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