George Soros Sees Potential in Ukraine

George Soros has a long history of speaking up for the underdog on the international scene. This time, Soros is brining attention to the plight of Ukraine and the need for international financial support to ensure that this newly reformed sovereign state is able to survive in the long run. Specifically, Soros Ukraine is calling on the European Union to step up its game in making sure that Ukraine has enough of a financial buffer to be able to continue on the path to putting down democratic roots. Soros has laid out a strategy that benefits both Ukraine and the EU in that it strengthens the solidarity of the entire region. It is clear from Soros’ latest round of outreach to European leaders that he strongly believes in the potential of the new Ukraine to hold its ground against Russia and extend the goals of the EU throughout the continent.

In appealing to leaders of the EU to contribute greater financial assistance to Ukraine, Soros explains that Ukraine has almost completely transformed itself from a corrupt, isolated country into a democratic and transparent society. Although there are many reforms that have yet to be implemented, George Soros Ukraine is incredibly enthusiastic about the progress Ukraine has made so far in ridding the country of corruption and instilling a standard of transparency in government. Through Soros’ work as the Chairman of the Open Society Foundations, the goal of openness in government is paramount for him. With the assistance of European leaders, Soros thinks that Ukraine can continue on its path of restructuring its old bureaucratic system of government.

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According to Soros, the situation in Ukraine is far from stable at the moment. All of its successes in holding off Russian intervention could be completely wiped out if Ukraine is not able to stabilize its economic situation. The country has borrowed heavily from foreign sources in order to stave off Russian military invasion. Soros says that European creditors of Ukraine should be understanding of this situation and realize that there is much more to be gained from a stable Ukraine than a country on the brink of economic collapse. Essentially, Soros hopes that European leaders can see past the immediate need to collect on their debts from Ukraine and lend further financial support so that Ukraine can get itself on proper footing.

For Soros, there is no question that a prosperous Ukraine is in the best interest of the EU. If Ukraine is able to pull through this period of transformation, it will be clear to the world that Russia is an unwelcome force in Ukraine’s political affairs. Furthermore, a stable Ukraine will show the world that economic stability is possible in that region. This would quiet Putin’s accusations of Western hostility toward Russia because a healthy Ukraine means that Putin is the only roadblock in the way of economic prosperity in Russia. Soros thinks that EU assistance to Ukraine could expand the reach of the EU and quickly shut down any attempts of forceful intervention by Russia.

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