George Soros Says The EU Is On The Verge Of Collapse And Needs Strong Leadership From Germany

Billionaire financier George Soros hopes the European Union has learned its lesson from Greece, which he says “was mishandled from the beginning.” The world-famous moneyman goes on to explain how the Greek tragedy grew more dire and dire as the years went on. It was a lack of strong leadership that allowed the crisis to deepen to the point where threatened the entire European Union until eventually Germany’s Angela Merkel stepped in. And now Soros is calling on her to do the same with the current migrant crisis, but he wants to see her get out ahead of it and stop the crisis before it starts.

Over 1 million migrants have reached the shores of the European Union from Syria and other parts of the Middle East in 2015. These people, Soros urges, require food, clothing, shelter, and most importantly jobs, security, and hope for the future. Without all of these things the migrants may anchor the European Union’s economy and, worst case scenario, may become radicalized and turn on the countries of the union.

The European Union was founded on freedom of movement between countries for people and for money. The economies of all the European Union countries are tied together. When one economy booms the positive impact is felt across the continent. Conversely, when one economy tanks, much like Greece’s did, the negative impact can be felt universally as well. All of the European Union countries are in the migrant crisis together, but the European Union, according to Soros, is broken and in need of repair.

He is specifically talking about leadership and the need for universal migrant policy. None of the European Union countries seem to agree on what to do with the migrant crisis, but what they fail to grasp is that they need to work together to avoid feeling the impact of the mistakes of a few countries within the union. Soros urges the countries to look toward Germany for leadership, where Chancellor Angela Merkel has enacted in open-door policy for migrants, providing for them the hope of an economic future; the hope of making Germany their new home. Soros not only sees this as the humane thing to do, but the economically beneficial thing to do. It may be the only thing that saves the European Union from total collapse.

George Soros won’t save himself, but anybody afraid of the migrants can look to Soros’s own life story as an example of a migrant’s success. The man was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary, which would eventually come under the rule of Nazi Germany during World War II. His life would radically change due to his Jewish ancestry.

His family survive the occupation and left Hungary after the war ended in 1947. Soros worked odd jobs at a railyard and in restaurants while receiving his education at the London school of economics. After moving to the United States, he found success through international investment funds that he set up and managed. To dates, he has given over $11 billion in charitable donations making him one of the greatest migrant success stories of all time.

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