George Soros – Philosophy and Achievements

George Soros is known for many things such as his business empire and his generous contribution to a number of philanthropic causes. Fewer people are aware, however, that he is also a prolific writer that has authored a vast number of articles as well as published as many as thirteen books on the topics of capitalization, business, and much more.Among all of that, Gorge Soros is also a philosopher whose thinking reaches deeper into the matters of business, capitalism, and society among else. Such topics have always been at the forefront of the writings of George Soros. That is made evident in the charities that he has been supporting as well as in the organizations that he started many years ago called Open Society Foundations.

As already mentioned, George Sorors is also a philosopher. He was introduced to the life changing concept of open society during his college years while he was attending the London School of Economics. The term ”open society” was first coined in the year of 1932 by the philosopher Henri Bergson. Later the term was given more meaning and was spread by another great thinker Karl Popper who wrote the book of The Open Society and Its Enemies, published in 1945. George Soros was at the London School of Economics during the late 1940s. He had settled in England together with his family after decades of living under cover from the German Nazi in a small town in Hungary. His parent were Jews, and although they were non-practicing, they still fell under prosecution by the Nazi. George Soros had his childhood apart from his parents and siblings who had to scatter and live with false documents in order to survive.

After his graduation from the London School of Economics, George Soros had to work at a few odd jobs, and after that, he started work in a bank. A few years later he decided to move on with his life by moving the United States of America. There George Soros began doing business on Wall Street, and his career quickly took off. George Soros met many acclaimed business people, and he made good connections. He also met many trading partners that he has had over the years. Eventually, George Soros put in motion his business called Soros Fund Management. The company achieved great success, and so did its founder. George Soros is currently one of the richest people alive.Philanthropy is a huge part of his life. George Soros has been contributing to hundreds of charities to support the poor and the segregated. He helps people that are on the fringe of society. His Open Society Foundations promote open societies that are inclusive LGBTI people, as well as sick and poor, along with sex workers and drug addicts.

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