The billionaire George Soros and other liberal billionaires have offered to give a $15 million donation in a bid to mobilize to Latinos and immigrants. This contribution and campaign move are aimed at widening the existent gap between Trump and the American immigrants. The Republican Party has been heard recently targeting the expulsion of the immigrants if they are to get a win in the 2016 elections. The move by George Soros is therefore in a quest to mobilize the immigrants and Latinos into bringing about a massive Democrat Voter turnout. The Democratic voter turn is most likely to target the immigrants and the Latinos more than any other group this fall. The new spending has been said to be the largest ever Democratic voter turn out to be exclusively targeted to the Latino and immigrant population in the United States.

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The money from these donations made by George Soros and other billionaires will be spent in the states that have the biggest numbers of Latinos and immigrants. The sensitizations and mobilization will be done in Nevada, Colorado, and Florida. These states are also known for their large numbers of Asian immigrants who need protection from any threatening deportation. The Immigrant voters Win Pac will be more political and extra partisan as compared to the past events. This time, round the Democrats, is going to waste no chance given to them by the Republicans who have announced their detest on the immigrants.
However, there are dissatisfactions shown by other immigrants and Latinos who have felt the Obama leadership did fully adhere to its promises of bringing in more rights to the Latinos and the immigrants. Organizers, therefore, have to fight this vice in their endeavors of seeking about 400,000 new Democratic followers to vote for the party come November this year.
Soros will bring in $5 million of the total amount. This will also get him back to the large scale political spending that had brought much liberal related fame to him. Soros’ contributions according to NY Times to the super PACs and political activities this election year will all mount $13 million. Soros is deeply struck by the idea that the Republicans’ anti-immigrant rhetoric whereby they are also claiming that they block Muslim refugees into the country if they seize power come November. Soros is a Hungary based immigrant who has spent enormously in funding immigrant organization and execution projects. He has always wanted to rally all the Latinos and immigrants together into one strong political force that would support the Democratic party. He also funded a big advertisement in 2004 which sought to help the Democratic John Kerry to power. The bid failed, however, but his donations worked in 2008 when Democrats won.

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