Futurist, Technologist, and Philanthropist –Jason Hope

He has passion in what he does as a technologist. However, he is not only a technologist but also a philanthropist and a futurist who mainly focuses his attention in technology industry. He is an American entrepreneur who advises the young and aspiring entrepreneurs to be focused on one project instead of indulging on several projects at a go. As an entrepreneur, a futurist as well as a technologist; Mr. Jason believes so much in the power of Internet of Things (IoT). He trusts that the power of internet of Things is the future of the modern community as the advancing numbers of devices become connected. Jason Hope is a strong believer of technology and trusts that technology is of a great benefit to both individuals as well as investment who wishes to exploit on technology in the future.

Jason Hope was born and grew in Temple., Arizona. After his High School graduation; Hope attended Arizona State University where he received his degree in Finance and later attended ASU’s W.P Carey School of Business. Mr. Jason is a philanthropist, who has invested so much in the education sector, biotechnology, as well as the health industry. Hope values the importance of education and he is a sponsor of learning both in and outside the classroom. Jason also supports those organizations which have a major influence on disease, cure, and prevention. In his humanitarian activities; Hope has worked with various organizations including; World Wide Orphans Foundation, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountains Chapter, the Family Health International, Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, the Tony Hawk Foundation, Arizona Science Centre and True Colors Fund among others.

Jason Hope is also very passionate about the young people, their goals, as well as their future. Jason has a program that supports the young people who have big ideas but lack capital. He believes that the future of technology lays with great ideas which the young people have, has led him to offer assistance by providing grants for them to pursue their dreams as they bring innovation. Recently an interview was conducted and when asked how he brings his ideas; Jason Hope said that he has learned to keep things basic and avoid over complicating things and he also share the ideas with people close to him, and later works the project step by step. Mr. Jason believes that networking has helped him accomplish a lot in life. His advice to the young and aspiring technologist is to keep a close eye on the SEO, social media as well as internet marketing which are in high demand. Being a successful investor; Jason has also failed and he says when he established Mobile Technology. He encourages others not to dwell so much on their failures.

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