Fidgeting May Help with Concentration for ADHD Children

Those who deal with children who are facing ADHD may be bothered by the constant movement with those children. Children who are dealing with ADHD find the need to be moving at all times, and this can be frustrating to parents and teachers. Stopping the fidgeting, though, may not be a good response.

New studies suggest that the fidgeting that children with ADHD do may actually be helping them. It seems that fidgeting may help a child to think and study. Fidgeting may allow a child to think more clearly. Children who are dealing with ADHD have a hard time concentrating, but fidgeting around may help them to do better.

While fidgeting might bother the teachers and parents of children with ADHD, it could actually be a positive thing when it comes to the children and the work that they are trying to complete. Fidgeting may help children think and study, and it should not be stopped. Andy Wirth finds this study interesting.

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