Explore The Best Resorts In The Lake Tahoe Region

Lake Tahoe is a popular tourist destination that has excited visitors for over three thousand years with its unique natural features and resorts. This is a jewel of nature that is packed with wonders and lots of amenities to enjoy while relaxing during a holiday. It is surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountain resort, which is clearly visible up to its cobalt waters. Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the U.S. and tenth deepest globally, and it is estimated it was formed about 25 million years ago.

Tahoe area ski resorts at http://squawalpine.com are packed with awesome activities year round that have earned the region popularity in both the summer and winter. Most beaches are located a short drive from each other, so there is plenty of amenities to enjoy while you also explore the natural features that decorate the region. Tahoe is also a historical destination for the 1960 Winter Olympics put the region in the limelight and since then has gained popularity as a major tourist destination.

There are several Lake Tahoe resorts that you can visit while on your tour in the region. The best rated include Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, Boreal Ski Resort, Diamond Peak Ski Resort, Donner Ski Resort, Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Heavenly Ski Resort and Northstar Ski Resort. Below is a comprehensive review of two of the main resorts that have gained in popularity in the recent past for offering more than just a skiing resort.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort
The Squaw Valley Ski Resort spans over 4000 acres and is located on the site where the 1960 Winter Olympics games were hosted. There are 34 lifts ideal for all your riding and skiing pleasure and this is a haven for expert skiers, so even if you will not take part in the events you are going to enjoy the art. This is a recreation resort for any level of riders and skiers that is decorated with all kinds of amenities to enhance luxury and your skiing experience.

Alpine Meadows Ski Resort
The Alpine Meadows Ski Resort is located few meters from the world renowned Squaw Valley Ski Resort and has for a long time been viewed as the best local choice for the Tahoe region. If you want a place where you can fit in with your family this is the ideal choice while on a visit to Lake Tahoe. The resort offers school programs and the natural topography that decorates the resort is a sight you would love to enjoy more than once.

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