Expensive Gourmet Dog Foods May Be Impressive, But Our Doggies Love Eating Beneful Dog Foods

While drinking a cup of coffee this morning, I had the opportunity to read an article that examines the pet food industry’s shift towards producing premium-style dog foods. As I read the online article, I learned that it is becoming common for pet food companies to add vegetables, fruits and whole grains to their dog food products. The article mentions some of the products that are being made by different pet food companies. In addition to well-known companies such as Colgate-Palmolive, Mars Petcare, and Nestle Purina PetCare, the article also mentions smaller pet food companies such as Blue Buffalo and Freshpet. It was amazing to read in this article about the huge amounts of money that pet owners spend on premium dog foods each year. With tens of billions of dollars being spent annually on pet food  according to Amazon in the United States alone, dog food is big business. The article mentioned how Freshpet products contain fresh meat and vegetables, and have their own refrigerated display cases at thousands of retail stores. That all sounds impressive, but I can say from experience that our two dogs are big fans of several different varieties of Beneful dog food. Our bassett hound and our Russian terrier are fairly finicky, and they tried a wide range of dog foods before they let us know that they really like the Beneful products. Our bassett hound Orville really likes the wet Beneful chopped blends combinations, and FiFi, our terrier, prefers to savor the dry Beneful IncrediBites. Both of them also enjoy eating the Beneful Prepared Meals. For a few years now, our doggies have been very satisfied with the flavors and textures of several varieties of Beneful dog foods. We’re happy that they enjoy eating such healthy, high quality foods that are also reasonably priced. Funny thing, many of the tasty and healthy items that the new premium dog foods are touting, are already contained in various Beneful dog foods.

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