Expansion Plans Released For North American Spine In Dallas

According to a release in the PR Newswire, the North American Spine announced they will be adding 4,000 square feet to their headquarters in Dallas Texas that will be workable space. This space is said to be necessary to accommodate their rapid growth. This two month project will also include space to cover future expansion plans.

Vice President of Operations, Chance McElhaney stated they need to continue to add staff in order to keep with their mission of patient care always being a top priority. This is the third expansion North American Spine has completed and it will provide space for computer programmers, account managers and financial advisers.

This third expansion is testament to North American Spine’s commitment to patient care. The growth they have experienced in the past six years is evidence that their patients are putting faith in their treatment methods of chronic pain. Jon Sasser, Director of Public Relations says it is a very exciting time for them.

The North American Spine doctors in Dallas have been performing a procedure called, The AccuraScope. This is a minimally invasive spine surgery. Doctors are able to perform the surgery in less than an hour with the use of small laser that is tinier than the tip of a mechanical pencil. This tiny laser only works on the tissue it touches, making it the best type of surgery for those suffering from tissue issues and not bone problems. One of the great advantages to this method of surgery is the patient being able to return home the same day and be immediately free of pain. Many patients are also able to return to work within a week after having surgery.

The doctors at the North American Spine are spine specialists. They have received special training in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Interventional Pain Management and Neurosurgery. They are able to provide minimally invasive stabilization and decompression for patients to alleviate pain. PR NewsWire states research shows this procedure has an 82% success rate and saves patients over $23,000 in out-of-pocket expenses over a five year period by reducing their need for medical visits and medications.

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