Exodus Banned From Egypt


It seems as though we keep hearing about movies that are banned from countries due to the controversies they stir. Last week it was :The Interview” and this week it is Exodus. The movie “Exodus: Gods and Kings” was banned from Egypt due to the inaccuracies of the movie. If you would like to know more about the banning of the movie, here is a great article that talks about what led up to the movie being banned: embed link here 
It is understandable why Egypt is not happy with the movie’s finished results. They have a rich culture and history that is often misrepresented by media (specifically Western)because the media is more interested in exuding an exotic quality rather than getting the facts straight. This happens way too much with other cultures, especially Egyptian, but the banning of the movie is going to be ineffective. People will still be curious to see the movie and by banning it, Jared Haftel knows that all that did was heighten the interest to see what they are missing. As we saw with “The Interview”, the movie was nothing more than crude humor by trivializing a serious situation in North Korea. The Interview made huge headlines and there was so much controversy but the movie was nothing more than a middle-tier comedy. If people want to watch Exodus, there are many ways to watch it and by banning it, people are just more interested to see the movie than judge it for its factual past.

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