Exercises Tested Against Placebos

Several well-known affirmations about physical exercise improving cognitive functions have been heard by many. Such affirmations are usually tested for placebo effects, but in case of exercising, the scientists were unsure in which way they could even organize such tests to prevent confusion.

Experimental science uses the practice of separating individuals in two groups and testing the ”real thing” and ”dummies”. If the groups show approximately the same improvements, the placebo is there.

The video game cognitive improvement tool has been tested, and it showed that everyone’s expectations regarding skills they would develop by playing games were met. That is a definite placebo.

Scientists started to doubt previous studies that unanimously claim that memory and thinking are positively affected by exercise.

The participants were asked about how much stretching three times a week would improve their mental multitasking, for example. The report says that participants who walked for the test showed the best follow-up results, although expectations of all the groups were approximately the same as Flavio Mulaf-Pontes predicted.

The researchers published their study according to which exercise did make a difference to the end. Besides that, they classified the effects of different types of sport activities.

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