Eric Pulier Utilizes Disruptive Technology in Newest Venture

What do you do when you fall in love with something at an early age? Well, ideally you follow it to where it leads you. For Eric Pulier his love of technology was precursor to career that he would chase throughout his childhood and into adulthood. Now, Pulier is working on some of the most exciting and innovative tech companies out in Silicon Valley. His work with the XPrize Foundation has been as riveting as anything else going on in the Valley and his latest venture with vAtomic Systems has been enlightening for the industry. How does a tech guru like this stay focused and stay on task?

Eric Pulier lives like many of us do. He’s the father of a happy group of children. He works full time — and then some while shifting time between his office and his home office. For Pulier the key to long term success essentially come down to his commitment to consistency. Pulier’s day is rigorously planned before he ever steps out of his front door. Keeping himself on task is a lesson that was hard earned and sweeter as a result. It is also something that every new and rising entrepreneur would do well to learn. For more info about us: click here.

Of course, Pulier’s focus has been a key aspect to his success but his vision has been more important. Pulier is focused on looking toward disruptive technological opportunities in order to find new ways into the industry. He commonly points to how Uber and Lyft utilized disruptive tech like Google Maps and API in order to create a completely new market for customers to engage in. In much the same way Pulier was informed toward his creation of vAtomic Systems.

For vAtomic Systems the focus has been to engage in mobile technology, utilize digital products, and push them into real life transactions. Micro-transactions are something most people are intimately familiar with by now. Pulier’s work with vAtomic Systems has been integral in terms of getting them out into the market. What Eric Pulier is going to do next is anyone’s best guess, but it’s likely to be successful if he follows this same path.

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