Eric Lefkofsky: An Entrepreneur Who Dedicated His Life To Find Happiness For Others

No one has ever though a freshman, Eric Lefkofsky, who sells carpet at Michigan University, will one day become a serial entrepreneur. After getting his formal education from law school, Eric along with Bradley Keywell, his business partner, borrowed money from some sources in 1994 to purchase Brandon Apparel. And today he can even have many companies that worth more than the Brandon Apparel.

And this all has done because of their commitment, dedication, and devotion. Eric and Bradly faced many ups and downs in their professional life, but they never moved an inch from their path, and as per the famous saying, victory comes to those who struggle. They did that not for the fame of money; they did that because of the passion for becoming someone. More about Lefkofsky .

They sold and purchased many companies one after another so that they won’t stick at some point. They purchased a company, and then their dedication turns that into Gold, and they sold it and moved to another. And this becomes the reason for the foundation of Groupon. This firm became one of the most recent sought after company in the tech industry and also the Internet IPOs that is the most successful one in recent years. Read Full Article .

Things were going as normal until one day, Eric’s wife diagnosis with a life-threatening disease, and this became the reason of his U-turn from an entrepreneur to a philanthropist. While they were trying to overcome that news, Eric founded a company, Tempus. The purpose for Tempus is to develop a technology platform that works by linking molecular/anatomic data with data that has received from clinical trials across the globe. So, that scientist can have a centralized database they can reach to when they want to try something new.

Lefkofsky is a billionaire who can enjoy life to its fullest with his company Groupon, instead he chooses philanthropy. He read many books and made discussion of many doctors to speed up the things. Kevin White, a geneticist by profession, said that he and Lefkofsky belong to diverse backgrounds but have the same motto “to use modern technology to find the cure for cancer.” for more .



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