EOS Releases New Lip Balm Products

Upstart beauty brand Evolution of Smooth (also known as EOS) has already taken the lip balm world by storm with its now iconic packaging . The colorful and vibrant egg-shaped containers that its organic lip balm come in have famously given other more established lip balm products such as chapstick a run for their money. As a result Evolution of Smooth catapulted to the top of the lip balm category and outsold drug store stalwarts that been around for nearly a century longer than they had.

According to usmagazine.com, the company’s founders gave to the business publication known as Fast Company magazine the lip balm brand was able to do this because of its focus on intentional and beautiful design. It was pointed out that the design of lip balm which most often came in the form a short tube had not changed for nearly a century. The founders of Evolution of Smooth saw this fact as an opportunity and an indication that the lip balm industry was ripe for disruption. They seized upon this opportunity by making time to invest in the design of their product. First they surveyed women who bought and used lip balm to understand how they experienced the products that were currently on the market and what exactly those products were lacking.

Market research taught the founders of Evolution of Smooth that the lip balm that came in the form of a short tube was often difficult to keep track of because it rolled under furniture and became lost within the caverns of a customer’s purse. This led the founders of the company to ask themselves the following question: how could they create a lip balm product that could counteract all of that? The founders answered that question by approaching the creation of Evolution of Smooth’s packaging as though it was an art and employed a clay artist to help them come up with ideas. The result was a product design that was beautiful to look at, fun to use and most importantly would not be easily lost and defeat the purpose of a customer buying it in the first place. Today Evolution of Smooth is continuing to compete on design with the release of its newest product: crystal lip balm. Its crystal lip balm comes in two flavors: hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid and it is beautiful to look at due to the translucent appearance of the lip balm itself, browse more products here on makeupalley.com.

Get more info here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0avkr4IdtM.

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