Entrepreneur Doe Deere And Lime Crime Cosmetics: A Dream Come True

Doe Deere was born in Russia. She grew up in New York City. Deere is an entrepreneur. She is also an entertainer. But most of all she is a fighter. She also had a dream to become a businesswoman. Before she could do that she had to get out of the homeless shelter in which she and her family had found themselves. She was just a child. But she knew that she had to be strong. It was not easy living in the shelter. It was frightening and embarrassing. It wasn’t the life she thought she would be living when she left Russia. She thought in America she would have a chance at the good life she had seen on television.

The family did not have stay in the shelter too long. Friends and well-wishers gave them the money to get a place of their own and get back on their feet. Doe Deere’s dream never wavered. She knew she was going to succeed. When she was old enough Deere enrolled at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She dreamed of being a fashion designer or a model. She was willing to do the hard work it would take to succeed. She studied hard, worked on her designs, and even created a website to sell the clothes she made. It didn’t work. She couldn’t make enough money. Her dream was deferred.

But Deere is resilient. She created a new goal for herself. She would become a rock star and make lots of money. Deere worked with her boyfriend to start a rock and roll band. They recorded a few albums and did some shows. But no record company signed them. She didn’t give up. She tried to make it as a solo artist. She recorded another album and did more shows. Deere searched for some loud makeup that would make her delicate features stand out when she was on stage. When Doe Deere couldn’t find the makeup she needed, she didn’t give up. She made some of her own. Still her music career flopped.

One of Deere’s Lime Crime cosmetics was doing makeup tutorials online. When the people that took the tutorials saw the makeup she was using, they asked her where they could buy it. She told them she made it herself. They asked her to sell some to them and she did. They loved it. They told her she should try to sell it to others. She agreed to try. Doe Deere loved lime green, so she created a website called limecrime.com and offered her homemade cosmetics online. The response was immediate. People were clamoring for Lime Crime cosmetics. Doe Deere was selling Lime Crime cosmetics as fast as she could make it. She was a success.

Doe Deere had worked her way up from that homeless shelter to become the creator of one of the hottest new makeup lines. Lime Crime was being worn by people all over the world. Doe Deere’s dream had become a reality.

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