Electricity Messes With Your Sleep Habits

Although research demonstrates that computers and TV screens aren’t good for anyone who’s trying to have pleasurable sleep habits, a more recent study demonstrates that the problem is even bigger. According to Susan McGalla, It shows that electricity itself is harmful to a good night’s sleep.

According to this study, anything that runs off of electricity (e.g. lights, computers, TVs, phones) continually disrupts humans’ circadian rhythms. The study goes on to say that this is why people today get a lot less sleep than people in the past.

Lead study author Horacio de la Iglesia from the University of Washington says that it’s because the circadian rhythm “is still embedded in our biology even when we do as much as we can to obscure that difference between summer and winter.” This is based upon the research team’s introduction of electricity into two indigenous communities from rural northeastern Argentina that were very similar in many ways.

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