Edison’s Writing About the Ghost Machine Republished

The paranormal amateurs know very well about Edison’s Ghost Machine– a device that he often referred to in interviews, which was supposed to render the voices of spirits so that people could hear them. The inventor often talked about his beliefs that ghost exist and that a device with an amplifier could help humans communicate with the deceased. Few know that he even made a pact with William Walted Dinwiddie, an engineer who worked together with Edison, that whoever died first would try to send messages.

In time, the invention idea was forgotten stated tumblr.com. No actual device has ever been released. Edison’s book “Diary and Sundry Observations” contained a chapter called “The Kingdom of the Afterlife” which was dismissed when the book was prepared for publishing, as the editors considered it an ironical part. The French disagreed with the thought and decided to fix the mistake. A 1949 publication in French with the final chapter intact has been revised.

Now, a publication of the reformulated last chapter, “The Kingdom of the Afterlife” (“Le royaume de l’au-dela”) is being prepared for re-publication. The new publication will contain Philippe Baoudoin’s comments along the lines. Being a philosopher and radio presenter, the man found great interest in Edison’s Ghost Machine and has supported the republishing project.

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