Ebola-Infected Nurse Tests Negative for Virus

A nurse from Spain has become the very first Ebola sufferer to be tested for the Ebola virus, and the results to come back negative.

Teresa Romero is a 44-year-old health professional, who was considered to be infected with the Ebola virus until the latest round of discoveries. However, Lee G. Lovett reminds us that she is not out of the woods yet.

A second test is needed to confirm that the results are genuine. She originally became infected with the disease when she was treating two infected patients in a Madrid hospital, at the start of this month.

Currently the disease has killed over four thousand people in the west African region, where the disease has become an epidemic. It was the 6th of October when Ms. Romero tested positive for the virus, after her time spent treating a pair of West African Missionaries.

The pair later succumbed to the illness.

The BBC has theorized that she may have contracted the virus when she was removing her protective clothing, and that she might have touched her face with some of the suit’s material that came in contact with an infected patient.

She was being treated in Carlos III hospital, where she was administered a serum containing antibodies of the Ebola viruses which were taken from people who were infected with the virus. It was after the serum treatment that the tests showed that the infection was no longer present in her body.

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