The term couvade is of French origin and means incubate. It implies keeping a set of factors that are originally possessed. The syndrome is observed in men who have pregnant companions. Some describe the symptoms of the condition as pregnancy in men. In other places, it’s considered a taboo. The symptoms of the syndrome include dizziness, vomiting, nausea, weight gain and belly bulge.
According to Doctor Cortes, the condition is attributed to the affection of the father to the unborn child. The affection may cause an elevation of hormones causing a replication of conditions experienced by the pregnant companion. Though not familiar to everyone, the condition is mainly experienced by first-time parents who are anxious to graduate to parenthood. It’s also common to a very close couple. Since it’s a reason enough to seek medical attention, it’s not classified as a disease.
Sergio explains there are several theories that try to explain the condition. All base it to the father emotional excitement to the unborn child. In some cases, the need to consult a physician may arise if the situation becomes a nuisance to close couples. The graduation to become a father comes with a lot of excitement. When the couples are too close, the brain reacts to a hormone elevation by replicating the conditions of the pregnant companion. The syndrome is more specifically appears during the last stage of the pregnancy.
Researchers are putting more effort in understanding the syndrome. The main concentration is on the psychological subversion. The brain is known to change when dealing with the experience of being a father. It’s also understandable the joy of the new responsibility is the primary factor in the syndrome to couples that are close. Sergio also explores other the matter on other lines by arguing that the syndrome develops as a demonstration of the father’s affection for the unborn child.
The medical doctor is also the cabinet secretary for the ministry of health in the state of Rio. Sergio is also0 reachable through his LinkedIn account and Twitter accounts. The medical expert publishes blogs of relevant to the general public on health. According to Sergio, lifestyle has affected health with no little time for exercising. He constantly advises on ways to maintain a healthy life through regular exercises. The medical doctor is a business graduate from Harvard school of business.

Source: atanews.com.br

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